In its 60 years of existence, Vitaminka has created the largest world of tastes in Macedonia and represents an integral part of the lives of several generations, full of memories and precious moments.

The successful story of Vitaminka has started 60 years ago. In 1956 in Prillep, it was founded as a ground red pepper company. Production of only one product assortment was sufficient for 18 years of successful operation, up to 1974.

The ambition of Vitaminka's team contributed for creating and realizing the outlined idea - increasing the product capacity of the company. The factory for production of ground red pepper, with the new business strategy, started to build its route to success, growing into leading company within the food industry on the Macedonian market. By strengthening the position on the domestic market, the presence on the foreign markets has also in parallel and intensively grown, where at the moment Vitaminka is placing around 45% of its annual production in approximately 30 countries worldwide.

Today, Vitamika represents a large Macedonian brand in the business world and a company which encompasses vast number of renowned and established brands. It argues its leading position on the domestic market by well-built corporate brand which is identified by national value, premium quality and tradition. Under the company's slogan "world of tastes" there is a wide product range with approximately 350 types of packaging. It includes production of various tastes (sweet, salty, sour and hot) presented as snacks, chocolates, desserts and candies, large variety of puddings, pasteurized products, ketchup, mayonnaise and different sauces, delicious soups and other food supplements, as well as numerous instant products, syrups and filter teas. The most remarkable and most recognized brands of Vitaminka are the popular and timeless Stobi Flips - the ideal snack for all generations in every occasion and in every part of the day, the instant vitamin drink Cevitana and Atlantis - the chocolate sea shells with unique and quality taste.

During all these 60 years of existence along with following the standards, conditions and requirements, Vitaminka has become one of the most powerful Macedonian companies and a representative for quality food products. Besides the positive impact on the national economy, the significance of Vitaminka in improving the local economy by the large number of employees and additional collaborators' chain is no less important.