Corporative social responsibility is an integral part of “Vitaminka’s” work, integrated into its daily business working and plans for development. Policy for social responsibility is applied to all spheres of the company activity. It has been deeply penetrated into the organizational culture for years.

“Vitaminka” has been existing and working successfully for six decades. Every year is a challenge for higher success, for improving working processes, the employees’ working conditions, and at the same time not forgetting the environment and society to which it belongs.

The key areas where it concentrates its activities are:

  • Good relationships with the customers and the suppliers;
  • Safety and health at work;
  • Environment and investing in community;
  • The employees and shareholders’ interests.

In its working, the Code for business behavior and Dress Code, is strictly observed.


Customers and suppliers

We provide highly developed and tested products of high quality to our customers, which meet the world standards. We constantly research markets and consumers’ demands, trying to keep pace with their wishes and tastes. We always communicate with our suppliers in order to strengthen our relations with them and to improve each working segment.


Relationships with the employees

The employees are the main resource and driving force of working in “Vitaminka”. We know that trained workers and their competence bring results to the company. Gender, ethnical and age structure of the employees in “Vitaminka”, shows that the company does not make any discrimination on any base. We motivate, educate and train our employees, taking care for their health and safety at work. We also take other activities for our employees:

  • Pecuniary aid for the employees;
  • Retirement benefit;
  • Remuneration for good working results;
  • Pecuniary aid for the relatives in case of death;
  • Sanitary and periodical medical check-ups;
  • Common dinner for the New Year Eve;
  • Greeting cards for the employees’ birthdays;
  • “The worker of the month” selection;
  • Christmas presents.

We constantly improve the working conditions. We constantly take care for preserving “Vitaminka” brand, which is an association for quality and affordable price.



For years “Vitaminka” supports financially many sport clubs, schools, churches, monasteries, hospitals, faculties and other legal and physical persons, especially individuals who need urgent financial aid.

“Vitaminka” supports Macedonian sport, especially handball, basketball, football and motor racing.

“Vitaminka” grants scholarships to students of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje, who regularly receive monthly allowance for covering living and schooling expenses.

“Vitaminka” actively supports culture, too, being a sponsor of many events, concerts, art colonies etc.

During the past years, we have collaborated with:

The Chamber of Commerce of R. Macedonia;

The American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham;

The Russian Chamber of Commerce;

The University “St. Kiril and Metodij”, Skopje;

The University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bitola;

FON University, Skopje;

The American College, Skopje;

Macedonian basketball federation;

Macedonian handball federation;

The Festival “Ohrid summer”, Ohrid;

The Festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski”, Prilep;

The World Bank;

UNICEF and many others.

Maintaining serious approach towards living environment is of special importance for “Vitaminka”. The company permanently takes care for preserving the environment, managing the packaging waste. “Vitaminka” is one of the founders of “Pakomak” DOO, Skopje, and by this, it is an authorized user of “Green Dot” mark. All aspects concerning the environment are regularly controlled.



Our business working is based on ethics, transparency and timely information. We regularly communicate with the shareholders and the public, giving them true and objective information. “Vitaminka” takes care for increasing shares value and for regular dividend pay-off, through good business planning, rise in market share, correct investing in production capacities, research and control of products quality and through the profit growth.

As a company with special obligations for informing according to the law, we submit information and various documents regarding our work consistently and in principle.

As a company that has been developing in this region for almost six decades, but also conquering world markets with great ambition, “Vitaminka” is directed towards continued development, fulfilling its mission and vision in the most professional way.