Sarita with hazelnut and chocolate

– What is SARITA tea biscuit?

– Why is it developed and released into production and sale?

– Which are the positive effects of its regular consumption on the people’s health?

SARITA is the latest tea biscuit produced in Vitaminka after three years of constant examination and recipe adjustment by the technologists employed in the factory.

The product composition is almost completely the same as the composition of one of the most popular world brands of such tea biscuits.

It is produced by using 5 (five) whole grain cereals as follows:

– Oat flakes,

– Whole grain buckwheat flour,

– Whole grain wheat flour,

– Whole grain barley flour, and

– Whole grain rye flour.

A mixture of these whole grain flours is mixed together with wheat flour before the start of the production of this tea biscuit. Then the following ingredients are added to the SARITA composition: vegetable fat, a smaller percentage of other components and more vitamins necessary for normal functioning of the human organism during the day.

Five whole grain cereals present in the tea biscuit (oat flakes and four whole grain flours: buckwheat, wheat, barley, and rye) are an excellent healthy food for the human organism especially useful for its digestive system, rich in insoluble and soluble dietary fibers. The many natural origin vitamins added to those products give a special and significant contribution to their quality and a necessity for everyday consumption of one to two small packs (20-40 g) by а person – consumer who would like to enjoy in them.

The three qualities of SARITA tea biscuits which are nowadays present in the regular production of Vitaminka and are already present on the market are the following:

  1. SARITA tea biscuit with milk and honey added to its composition, amazing for consumption with tea and coffee;
  2. SARITA tea biscuit with inclusions of ground hazelnut and chocolate chips (“drops”), and
  3. SARITA tea biscuit with chocolate powder added to its composition.

All of these three SARITA tea biscuit products are packed in a commercial individual package – long cardboard box with a net weight of 200 grams. It contains 10 (ten) smaller individual cellophane packs each having two individual tea biscuits or a total of 20 grams. Every individual piece of tea biscuits is 10 grams.

These new high-quality SARITA tea biscuits can be placed in the handbag for work, like one or two individual packs contained in the commercial package – box.

Try them and assure yourself of the quality of SARITA tea biscuits. Only by trying them you will be able to feel their exceptional quality.


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