One of the healthiest spices that enriches every meal with a unique flavour.


Great spice that can be added to almost every meal, and it makes the best combination with pasta and chicken.

Sea Salt

Always have the most delicious salad prepared with coarse sea salt.

French Fry Seasoning

If you’ve ever wondered why the potatoes in the restaurants are tastier than your homemade, then you finally have the answer.


The inevitable spice in the Mediterranean cuisine.

White Pepper

If you want to make a perfect purée, or a perfect cream soup, it is advisable to use the white pepper after you cook the meal.

Black Pepper

Spicy taste lovers always prefer black pepper with every meal – and they are right.


Brown sugar with Vitaminka’s stevia natural sweetener is ideal for dietary nutrition. Recommended for weight loss, maintaining a slim figure and for all who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Black pepper


Quality and natural ingredients are important for preparing delicious meal and to enrich the flavor, so do not forget to spice up your meal with Black ground pepper from VitaminkaPrilep!

Black pepper


Black pepper grains from Vitaminka are important ingredient used for cooking and spice for salads, soups, stews and meals.



For more delicious pastries on your table use the Baking powder from VitaminkaPrilep!

Citric acid


The powder products from Vitaminka are important ingredients used for cooking as well as spice for various dishes and desserts.



For a perfect flavor enriche your cakes and cookies with the Vanilla sugar from Vitaminka Prilep that will add slightly exotic note of amazing quality and taste that captures!


For freshness and softness of bread and bread goods, for a longer shelf life and betterappearance and taste.

Ground cinnamon

For a perfect flavor enriche your dishes with the ground cinnamon from VitaminkaPrilep!



Add tropical flavor to your home made cakes and cookies with Vitaminka Coconut flour!



Enhance the flavor of your cakes and cookies with powdered sugar from VitaminkaPrilep!



Enhance your table with a delicious lunch made from Potato puree from Vitaminka!


In cold winter days use Cocoa powder from VitaminkaPrilep to make original hot cocoa or make delicious cakes and cookies for the holidays!