Stobi Flips, the brand that was produced in Prilep by Vitaminka company in 1978 for the first time, celebrates 40 years. Under the motto “Stobi Flips 40 years everywhere”, with many activities throughout the year, the company will present the development and growth of the most powerful brand in Macedonia, its significance to the consumers and its importance for the company and the market.

“Any idea can be valuable and gives results if you work on it and invest in its realization. This confirms the status of Stobi Flips today, 40 years of continuous quality of the most recognizable Macedonian brand. Stobi Flips is also very important for the company, because its development contributed to Vitaminka’s growth. However, the most valuable thing is its importance for the consumers and the trust in the brand that is constantly growing and growing”, said Sašo Naumoski, CEO of Vitaminka.

In addition to new sizes and flavours, the growing popularity of Stobi Flips demands increased production, a challenge Vitaminka can fully respond to.

The popularity growth on the domestic market was followed by its placement on the foreign markets and its increased sales.Today, Stobi Flips is present on the markets in 40 countries worldwide. The number of these countries is constantly growing year after year due to its high and constant quality.

The campaign for the Stobi Flips 40th anniversary began with its space launch and it was the first Macedonian brand to win the space.