Brilliant Omega 3 is the new edible oil under the brand Vitaminka, available on sale. With Brilliant Omega 3, the production range of the factory in Štip has increased, and the Brilliant brand consolidates its position on the market.

The placement of this oil on the market is an investment in expanding the product range and with the new technological process, it becomes an investment in the factory capacities.

 “With Brilliant we started a new production segment with a huge growth potential. Considering Vitaminka expertise in innovations and product development, Brilliant has only a success story ahead. We are talking about product with its own tradition, undeniable quality, consumers and with the new innovative products we will succeed in acquiring new consumers. The practice shows that every business gives results with real investments at an appropriate moment and in the right way. That’s the story about Brilliant,” said Sašo Naumoski, CEO of Vitaminka.

Brilijant Omega 3 oil is high-quality sunflower edible oil enriched with essential omega-3 fatty acids produced with modern methods. Brilijant Omega 3 oil is enriched with docosahexaenoic fatty acid (DHA), that provides a source of omega-3 fatty acids and great health benefits with its consumption.