After the acquisition of Brilijant Štip, Vitaminka restarts the production of the famous brand. For this purpose, approximately 70 former employees were reengaged for existing plants in Štip.

The newly produced Brilijant is high quality triple refined edible oil. It is produced with modern German technology, which makes the factory in Štip unique in the Balkans with three refinators in the production process with a capacity of 150 tons per day or 39 thousand tons per year.

“With the restarting of the production of Brilijant, Vitaminka has entered a new phase of its work process and opened new perspectives for the development of the company. In addition to providing raw material base for production needs, the new Brilijant is a unique high-quality because of its ingredients, cleanliness and the technological process that is available to the citizens. Therefore this investment gets much bigger and wider meaning. For Vitaminka it will primarily mean improved commercialism and growth potential”, said Sašo Naumoski, CEO of Vitaminka.

The new Brilijant will be available on sale with its recognizable design in more modern variant with a slight redesign of the label. After the recent signing of the purchase contract, Vitaminka acquired ownership of the entire real estate and movable property of the company in Štip, as well as its industrial property rights which include trademarks and industrial design rights.