The National Uprising Day was celebrated with autocross race supported by Vitaminka.

The National Uprising Day in Prilep was celebrated with “Prilep – 11th October” autocross race. Vitaminka with its brands was a part of this race, primarily as a supporter of the recreational sports, and also as a company that nurtures the tradition and respects the history of the city and its contribution to the national history.

At the same time, the autocross was the second race in this category of the Macedonian National Championship, organized after several years. The best participants of this national championship were getting points for the 2018 championship.

27 competitors from several cities of our country participated in the race, driving the 1,200 meter long lane. The participants competed in 5 vehicle categories, vehicles up to 1,600ccm, vehicles over 1,600ccm, sports cars up to 1,600ccm, sports cars over 1,600ccm and turbo cars.

The race was organized by the “Skopje” Auto Carting Club after seven years. The importance of this event and its supporters was significant because it helped the city to revitalize the sports spirit of car racing in Macedonia and to participate in the development of this sport.