Vanilla sugar


For a perfect flavor enriche your cakes and cookies with the Vanilla sugar from Vitaminka Prilep that will add slightly exotic note of amazing quality and taste that captures!

Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate)


Baking soda powder, produced to the highest standards of Vitaminka, is a top quality product, made with the finest ingredients. It comes in easy to use, practical packaging!

Baking powder


For more delicious pastries on your table use the Baking powder from Vitaminka Prilep!

Black pepper (ground)


Quality and natural ingredients are important for preparing delicious meal and to enrich the flavor, so do not forget to spice up your meal with Black ground pepper from Vitaminka Prilep!

Citric acid


The powder products from Vitaminka are important ingredients used for cooking as well as spice for various dishes and desserts.


For freshness and softness of bread and bread goods, for a longer shelf life and better appearance and taste.