This year Vitaminka was a partner of the FON University in the Project “Factory of Knowledge“ that unites the students with the business community in order to accomplish the given tasks. The FON Project “Factory of Knowledge“  has been organized since 2010 in order to enable students to create real and high quality products, as a project task given by the partner companies that participate in the project.

The task given by Vitaminka for the two teams of students from different faculties and different study years at the University was “Increasing the market share of Sarita product on the territory of Skopje and the surrounding area with analyses of the causes for low sales figures and suggestions for image improvement”.

The A Team made a quality study on a sample of 551 respondents with a set of simple questions to identify the name of Sarita biscuits by Vitaminka and to answer the question about the specific time during the day when they would like to consume this product. The results showed that 27% of them were familiar with this Vitaminka product and 35% would like to consume it for breakfast. The A Team suggested some design changes on the packaging of this product and new aroma choices that would enrich the offer.

In addition, the A Team recommended Guerrilla Marketing activities, branding activities at various locations, educating the consumers about the content of the name and the value of Sarita as well as smaller packaging available in the supermarkets for a larger group of consumers. The evaluation results of the Vitaminka representatives were that this team made good analyses of the market conditions and that they suggested creative and valuable solutions.

The B Team looks back at the company and decided to make a study on a sample of 150 respondents from Skopje with a complex and contented set of questions, including the consumers opinion about the quality of the product, the taste, the price, the consumption frequency and its packaging.

The B Team also gave ample and sustained suggestions for better differentiation and promotion of Sarita product.

Vitaminka representatives decided that the B Team made a perfect analysis of the market conditions with complex and useful results. The general impression of the Vitaminka representatives was that the B Team should receive the prize “School Example for Market Analysis and Recommendations for the Implementation of a Marketing Mix”.

Vitaminka will continue to support this type of activities between the academic community and the economic sector, recognizing the potential of these future professionals in their field of interest by helping them learn and comprehend the actual functioning of the private sector.