Vitaminka continues to support the comic TV series “Prespav” during its third season, which includes Brilijant edible oil as one of the props in the sitcom. Brilijant and the other products from the “World of Vitaminka flavours“ became a part of this comic TV series, that portrays the Macedonian everyday life, intertwining with the plot, situations and lifes of the characters in the series.

The company also made a TV commercial as a part of the new advertising campaign for Brilijant with a part of the crew, Ula (Tijana Dapčević), Mario (Vasil Zafirčev), Talat (Driton Veyseli) and Kosta (Igor Angelov).

The commercial was made in the MRTV studio, where the new season of Prespav was shot. The creative team and the crew included Vardan Tozija as director, Dejan Dimeski as director of photography, and Idea Plus as producer.

Vitaminka supports the making of the TV series “Prespav” from the very beginning, contributing to the development of the contemporary Macedonian TV production in this way.