Stobi Flips

Stobi Flips is a top quality product, created through a perfect blend of corn grits, ground peanut topping, sunflower oil, salt and lots of love.

Stobi Flips

pizza flavor

Stobi Flips with pizza flavor, is top quality product, designed as a blend of traditional distinctive flavor of Stobi Flips and the modern taste of delicious pizza.

Stobi Flips

cheese flavor

Stobi Flips with cheese flavour is a top quality product, designed as a blend of distinctive original flavour of Stobi Flips spiced with irresistible taste of the best cheeses.

Stobi Sticks

with ketchup flavour

Stobi Sticks with ketchup flavor offer you the pleasure of the well-known taste, backed by the proven quality and tradition in the production of Vitaminka high-quality products.